Different types of vacations require different gear, and one of the biggest choices most of us make as we head off to the airport is the choice between packing everything into a backpack or a suitcase. They each have their strengths and weaknesses and are better suited for certain situation. In general, there are three categories of bags such suitcase, small backpacks and large backpacks.


People decide what kind of backpack they need based on a few questions like how long your trip is, what you’ll be doing, what seasons you’ll run into, how much more travel you’ll do when you arrive, what the infrastructure is like at your destination, and how much you plan on bringing back with you.

Advantages of Suitcase

Suitcases are generally preferred when you are heading to just one destination and you plan on staying there until you return.  Wheeling your suitcase through airports is more comfortable way than walking with your backpack. When you are expert packer, you can easily pack your formal wears without any wrinkles. Suitcases are easier to re-pack than a backpack. Some of the suitcases are water-proof. Organisation of your dirty clothes with clean clothes is easier with a suitcase.

Disadvantages of Suitcase

It is difficult to wheel your suitcase on cobblestones, dirty roads or other tricky terrains. Wheeling your suitcase in a crowded city or onto crowded trains is usually a hassle. In case of travelling long using public transportation it is problematic to take your suitcase. There is possibility of more theft that can happen when you are using suitcase.

Advantage of Anti-Theft Backpack Over Suitcase

When you buy an anti-theft backpack from topantitheftbackpack , an incredible thing you look is durability. They are made with a strong fabric such as polyester or PVC. Backpacks have PVC coating on it and hence this coating makes the fabric water-resistant and tear-proof. But if you consider the suitcase, durability depends on brand you select. There is more chance of getting damage when you use suitcase of low quality.

You’ll find that anti-theft backpack comes with RFID protection, lockable zippers, buckles, and hidden pockets all of which meant to help better secure your belongings inside. But you can’t find anti-theft feature in suitcase.  Anti-theft backpacks are also light weight when compared to heavy suitcase.


Thus, an anti-theft backpacks have many advantages over normal suitcase and features of anti-theft backpacks more useful to protect your belongings.